Expert Basic set

The Basic set feature complete treatment options for individuals and professionals.
Sales price: kr 25 000
Manufacturer: Equimag

Basic set

The Basic set is a complete magnetic therapy system for professional and daily use.
High quality construction and easy to use.


  • Machine washable blankets (Coil system must be removed before washing!)
  • A fit for most normal sized horses.
  • Adjustable fit in both length and height.
  • Leg wraps which can also be fitted to thighs and neck (with spat extenders).


  • 1 Equimag 2 Control Unit (includes 4 rechargable batteries,power adapter and car charger.)
  • 1 Basic blanket (160x70cm)(includes pocket for the control unit with flexible strap, front and tail strap).
  • 2 Leg wraps (40x50 cm)
  • 2 Leg wrap extenders
  • 1 Double head adapter
  • 1 Large carrying bag
  • 1 Instructionmanual
  • 1 Litterature (CD)