PEMFT for personal use

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, PEMFT, has been on the market for a long time.
The technology is well developed and can be sourced back as early as Chinese medicine 2000 years ago. NASA developed their own patented PEMFT technology as one of the methods to prevent muscle and bone deterioration in astronauts.

In Western Medicine

PEMFT is still considered as an alternative treatment in western medicine.
Even though PEMFT has comprehensive medical documentation and many success stories, the technology has been expensive and therefore mostly reserved for hospitals or elite athlete rehabilitation centers.
In larger hospitals full body magnetic therapy machines help in treating many diseases from psychological disorders, insomnia, stress, wound healing, broken bones, muscle pains and more *For further reading, please visit our Medical Documents for Persons section.

PEMFT in Sports

In both Germany and Austria there are many athletes who uses PEMFT as a training support and rehabilitation tool and to provide faster recovery.
The Austrian downhill skier, Herman Maier, had a severe motorcycle accident in the year 2001 and after dozens of medical procedures, he was introduced to PEMFT.
He made an extraordinary comeback in 2003 where he won the World Cup Super G in Kitzbuehel to everybody’s surprise.

For long periods there were questions if he could ever walk again – let alone ski. Winning world class races was never even considered.
From now on, I’m treating every member of the team with PEMF Therapy.” Heini Bergmuller, Austrian Ski Team Manager.

The Norwegian wrestler Jon Rønningen used PEMFT in his training for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.
Rønningen won an individual gold medal.

"Lying down on the magnetic field helps the overexerted muscles and torn tissue rebuild faster. We studied the effect and both the lab results and the athletes themselves confirmed that the regenerative capacity improved."Dr. Beat Villiger, Manager of the Swiss Olympic Medical Team.

Treatment with PEMFT has been inaccessible to most people, but is now finally available for everyone.

Equimag for personal use

Animals and humans are alike in many more ways than we think and the cells in our bodies are built with the same cell structure.
We are all tuned to and dependent of the magnetic field of the earth and if removed from this field our bodies quickly deteriorate. Therefore our cells also react very strongly to pulsed magnetic signals.

The German company, Equimag GhMb, who is behind the pulsed electromagnetic field therapy systems has been on the market since 2001.
Since then their therapy systems has been improved with the latest technology to ensure the efficiency and safety for their users.
Equimag´s main products are treatment systems to hard working and competitive animals like horses and dogs, but the same treatment systems also work for persons.
For personal treatment we recommend the small animals set.
Equimag uses the same technology in both human and animal treatment systems, but the products for animals are furthermore strengthened when it comes to the quality of fabrics, like water-repellant materials and easy cleaning after each treatment.

The set consists of the Equimag 2 control unit, Magnet Therapy treatment mat (45x57cm), a pocket to store the control unit, 2 extenders, the Intensive rod to treat acupuncture points and other local injuries and a bag to store and transport the system.
If you want a larger mat, we recommend the Compact set where the Magnet Therapy treatment mat is larger (60x75cm).
Please note that the Intensive rod is not part of the Compact set and must be ordered in addition to the set.

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