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For dogs

Is your dog nervous or suffering from stiff musculature? Does your dog have HD? (Hip dysplasia)
Does your dog have recurrent eye inflammations? Does it have allergies or is troubled by pain because of osteoarthritis?
Or do you own a hard-working or active competition dog in need of extra restitution support?
Equimag can help!

Treatment of dogs

Your dog can either lie on the mat for a treatment or you can attach the mat onto the dog's back.
You can use the Intensive rod on local injuries and accupunture points.
At first the dog may be a bit nervous to the treatment. Have patience, this is normal and because dogs have exceptional sense and feel the effect of the magnetic field immidiately.
After a short time it will caml down and enjoy the treatment. After treatment, the dog is more relaxed and benefits from increased mobility.

If you know exactly where your dog has pain, use the Intensive rod. Keep the rod on the painful spot, a few minutes should be sufficient.
Give your dog two treatments a day, morning and evening until symptoms start to receed.
The Intensive rod is excellent for treating eye inflammations. PS! Remember to treat maximum 5 minutes at 50 % intensity if you treat the eyes. Never point the rod directly onto the eye but keep it at the side and in short intervals.

Equimag is easy to use with 3 different pre-programmed treatment modes. The programs can be run either alone or in combination.
With three different levels of intensity, you can choose the program that best suits your dog.
Read more about which program that is recommended in our article Recommended treatment programs.

See our recommended Small animals set

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Treatment examples

Experiences and treating cases with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) By. Veterinary W. Geisel.

Treatment with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT) has existed in human and veterinary medicine for several years.
Yet the treatment method is still recognized as alternative by traditional Western medicine.
I feel however that the therapeutic success of treatment with PEMFT is so extensive, that I have chosen to give PEMFT a central role in my veterinary practice for the treatment of small animals and horses.

PEMFT is considered very compatible to a variety of treatments.
Both veterinarians, osteopaths, acupuncturists, physical therapists, homeopaths or other practitioners can benefit from PEMFT.
PEMFT is useful for the treatment of both acute and chronic injuries. Inactivity is unfortunately often the cause of pain in musculoskeletal and metabolic diseases and a weakened immune system. In these cases, PEMFT affect the organism positively and contribute to the reconstruction and cell generation.
In acute cases like tendon injuries, joint injuries, broken bones, swelling, inflammation, respiratory problems, nervousness, back, neck, disc problems and wound healing, PEMFT can be used as supportive treatment.

I perceive that PEMFT works well as training support for competition, hobby and breeding stock animals.
My experience is that horses respond more quickly and are less nervous and more agile in training if PEMFT is used before training sessions.
I wish, however, to point out that all disease should be examined by a veterinarian or therapist before using PEMFT.

I use treatment products from Equimag in my practice.
Their advanced treatment system is easy to use, has a great fit, the magnet field generated is nearly homogeneous, it is light of weight and the most important point for me: that it has pre-programmed systems that ensures right treatment and prevents misuse.

How PEMFT affect the organism

Treatment with PEMFT provide better nourishment and energy to the cells.
When frequencies penetrate the organism they affecte the weaker cells to resume its natural functions.
This leads to increased cell metabolism and increased energy production. Impurities and limescale excreted rapidly and the treatment dilates the blood vessels themselves and provide increased blood supply.
The result is improved circulation in the whole organism.

For optimal success, PEMFT must be used regularly.
I recommend 1-2 times per day, and then possibly in several day intervals. When the symptoms subsides, you can step down on the days or the intensity of the treatments.
Initially, when treating animals, the symptoms can often experienced worsened. This is quite normal and will change in a few hours/ days. The reaction can be seen as positive for further PEMFT treatment.

Animals are more sensitive to magnetic fields than people.
Sensitive horses can react with some anxiety at first, but from experience, they quickly calm down and will experience the treatment as comfortable.

Treatment Cases

In these cases PEMFT has given positive results:

  1. As training support for competition and hobby horses
  2. To loosen tense muscles
  3. On muscle cramps
  4. When building muscles
  5. To strengthen the tendons and joints
  6. In rehabilitation
  7. Prevents stiffness / sore muscles after strenuous exercises/ competitions
  8. In acute and chronic joint diseases
  9. By tendinitis
  10. To boost the immune system
  11. To prevent muscle loss in injury
  12. Injury caused be stretched hamstring
  13. To prevent swelling in the legs
  14. To faster heal bone fractures

Since treatment with PEMFT leads to increased blood flow at the injury site, it leads to reduced swelling and faster regeneration of cartilage, bone and connective tissue cells. Most importantly, the analgesic and anti - inflammatory effects lead to faster movement.
Examples; spatter, arthritis, osteoarthritis, dislocations, sprains and Kissing Spines.

I also have positive experiences using the Intensive rod from Equimag on local injuries/ illnesses.
I have used it in acute and chronic bronchitis, hoof damage, sinus infections, eye inflammation, eczema and colic (only after consultation with a veterinarian).

Since PEMFT has an analgesic and sedative effect, it fits well to the treatment of nervous horses.
It seems that PEMFT has a calming and harmonizing effect on the brain.

Side effects: None known in animals.
The effect on pregnant animals have not been established and therefore should treatment with PEMFT in pregnant animals be avoided.
One should also refrain from using PEMFT in fever cases. Note that the effect of Cortisone is amplified when using PEMFT.

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