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Anne Cecilie Ore is a blind dressage rider on the Norwegian National Handicap Team.
She holds a Physiotherapist degree from University College Oslo and has a Master's Degree from Holland in Manual Therapy.
She uses Equimag on her own horse to obtain the best results possible, but also on other horses she treats and on her human patients.

Anne Cecilie Ore

Date of birth: 11 October 1978

Riding club : Sondre Nesodden Kjore og Rideklubb

Occupation : Physiotherapist, Manual therapist and dressage rider

Main Achievements:

2 gold at the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996
1 gold and 1 silver at the World Championships in Denmark in 1999
2 silver at the Olympics in Sydney 2000
2 gold and 1 silver medal in Nordic Championship in Denmark 2011

Anne Cecilie has also won several medals with the Norwegian national Handicap Team.
She lives and trains in Germany where she competes in St. George. Read more about Anne Cecilie on her website :

Anne Cecilie uses the treatment systems from Equimag with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy on her own horses and horses she treats in her practice . She discovered the treatment system after reading about PEMFT during her studies, and because of a wish to treat her own horse before the 2012 London Olympic Games.

"On my own horse Fidan, I use the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Theraphy rug from Equimag active in his rehabilitation phase.
Fidan was a former patient of mine who I treated for bad back projection, but he had good pedigree and amazing movements.
He was diagnosed as not suitable for riding with "Kissing Spines" and severe back pain. With my own therapy options and cooperation from the vet and daily use of Magnetic therapy Fidan has fully recovered. He is now in good shape and we are ready to start the season in 2014!
I feel that without the help from Equimag, Fidan would never have completely recovered. The Magnetic theraphy helped him get rid of both pain and stiffness. The blanket was used before and after exercise.
Fidan needed a long time to rebuild the muscles in his back, but now his back is fine.
The magnetic blanket has since his recovery, been used as a training supplement to maintain the suppleness of the musculature, to help him recover after harder training sessions and to keep him free from injuries.

In my practice as a Physiotherapist and Manualtherapist I use pulsed electromagnetic theraphy before treatments.
It is easier to get to the deep muscles when the horse is relaxed and the muscles are warm .
I can also use the magnetic rug after I have worked on the horse to prevent it from getting stiff.
I also have good experience in treating tendinitis and swelling using the leg wrap from Equimag.

The Intensive rod is amazing. I use it when I know exactly what point that requires treatment.
It is remarkably effective because the magnetic frequences runs through the whole organism, and the treatment is totally pain free.

I work at a local hospital in Germany and I also treat humans with the products from Equimag. I find that pulsed electromagnetic field therapy really helps my patients when it comes to pain relief, stress relief, muscle tentions, poor blood flow and fatigue. After Magnetic theraphy treatments my patients feel relaxed and mobile, they tell me that they also sleep better after getting the magnetic treatment.

I have have also purchased the neck piece from Equimag.
My horse Fidan has been using it for a couple of weeks and his musculature in the neck is really starting to show effects.
I feel that we can soon take our training to the next level and I am very excited about what Fidan and I can achieve together!