Is your horse nervous or suffering from muscle stiffness? Does it suffer from back pains or "Kissing Spines" syndrome?
Or does it have other minor disabilities like allergies and eye inflammations?
Maybe you have an active competition horse in need of restitution support?
Equimag can help!

Treatment of horses

Horses are treated with the full size magnetic blankets, or you can use the Intensive rod and the leg wrap on local injuries.
An optional neck piece is also available for efficient and professional treatment of neck.
At the beginning of the treatment the horse might react with nervous behavior. This is normal as horses have excellent senses and will immediately feel the effect of the magnetic field. Make sure to supervise the horse through the whole treatment and if necessary adjust the program and/ or intensity.
After a short time the horse will calm down. After treatment the horse will be relaxed with increased mobility.

If you know the exact location of your horse’s pains, you can use the Intensive rod. Hold the rod on the point, a few minutes should be sufficient.
Feel free to provide treatment two times a day, in the morning and evening.
PS! Remember to limit eye treatment to 5 minutes at 50 % intensity. The Intensive rod is excellent for treating eye symptoms like inflammations. When treating eye conditions do not point the Intensive rod directly onto the eye but keep it at the side and keep treatment to short periods of time, max 5 minutes.

Equimag is easy to use with 3 different pre-programmed treatment modes. The programs can be run either alone or in combination.
With three different levels of intensity, you can choose the program that best fits your horse.
Read more about recommended programs in our article Recommended treatment programs.

Take a look at our bestseller set, Basic set for horses!

Side effects: No known in animals.
The effects on pregnant animals have not been established and therefore one should avoid treatment with PEMFT on pregnant animals.
One should also refrain from using PEMFT in fever cases.