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Equimag 2 Control Unit
Sales price: kr 12 990
Manufacturer: Equimag

Equimag 2 Control Unit

The Equimag 2 control unit is the "heart" in the Equimag treatment system.
It generates magnetic impulses which penetrate the body through Equimags specially crafted coil system.
The impulses vary in strenght from 1Hz and 30Hz.
The impulses are carefully chosen to activate our natural body functions and allow cells to regenerate and regain their functionality.

Technical Specifications:

  • ”Square pulse” with e-function
  • North-south pole, Shifting in 2 minute intervals
  • Biological frequency concentration
  • Average field force: Approx. 50 Micro Tesla


  • Program 1 “Basic” (treatment time 20min.)
  • Program 2 “Vital” (treatment time 12 min.)
  • Program 3 “Relax” (treatment time 16 min.)

3 Options for intensity:

  • 50%
  • 100%
  • 25% to 100% (increasing intensity in every frequency)


  • *Solid construction
  • *Easy to use panel
  • *Status lights show connected equipment, remaining time and battery charge.
  • *Uses 4 rechargable batteries type AA (included).
  • *Charge capacity varies with treatment chosen but generally lasts about 20 to 50 treatments before recharge is needed.
  • *Recharge time is between 5-12 hours.
  • *2 application outputs which can be expanded up to 4 with adapters.
  • *Charges via AC adapter or car charger (included).
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