Recommended treatment programs

Recommended Equimag treatment programs

by Vet. Med. W. Geisel.

On the basis of the intensity (strength ) and duration (time ) of the various treatment programs , I make the following recommendations to the respective diseases:

Program 1: Soothing- Comforting

Basically I treat all patients in the first 1-2 days at low intensity. The treatment is given 2 times per day .
The low frequencies helps to relieve pain and inflammation. Some patients may respond uneasy and nervous to treatment at first, but according to my experiences the patient quickly calms down.
For further treatment it is important that the patient gets peace and rest. In addition to use in the adjustment period, this program is used in following disorders:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Pain relief
  3. Wound healing
  4. Tendonitis
  5. Damages of the hoof
  6. Swelling in the legs
  7. Colic (but only in consultation with a veterinarian!)

Program 2: Energizing- Optimized performance- Mobility

  1. When chronic joint and tendon injuries
  2. Circulatory failure
  3. By lack of exercise to prevent muscle wasting (eg box stay due to injury)
  4. For muscle building
  5. To stimulate metabolism

Program 3: Recovery- For cell regeneration

  1. For regeneration of damaged bones
  2. To strengthen cartilage and tendons
  3. Muscle tension
  4. Pain in the neck, back, shoulders
  5. Spine Problems
  6. Nervousness
  7. Support for training
  8. Damages in hooves
  9. Sinusitis
  10. Allergies
  11. In acute and chronic bronchitis
  12. Eye inflammation
  13. Eczema
  14. Colic (only in consultation with the vet!)

Program 1 + Program 2 in combination

  1. Helps cell regeneration
  2. Strengthens the immune system
  3. For treatment of metabolic diseases
  4. General prophylaxis for horse with poor fitness

Program 1 + Program 3 in combination

  1. For the treatment of respiratory diseases
  2. Allergies
  3. General prophylaxis for horse with poor fitness

It is very important to observe the patient during the entire treatment. Observe reactions and make any adjustments to the program if necessary.
For the treatment to be successful, the patient must be relaxed and calm.
An important observation I've made is that treatment with magnetic rug on the back also gives a good treatment results ON the legs (tendons, joints, swellings).
You do not need to treat tle legs locally for a good result.
It is only in acute cases I use leg wraps locally.

I also have good experiences using the Intensive rod .
Especially at eye inflammation, saddle sores, wound healing, paralysis, impact damages, fall injuries (bruises), but also on the injured tendons and joints.

When treating eyes, one must use low intensity only.
Treatment of eyes must be short, 3-5 minutes is regarded as adequate.
If your horse has problems in the neck area, I would use either the leg wrap with the extender(s) or the large neck piece.

Treatment of dogs, cats and other small animals

For treatment of small animals I use the mat and Intensive rod.
The patient can either lie on the mat or the mat can be attached to the dog's back .
Cats and other small pets are best treated by lying on the mat and/or getting treatment with the Intensive rod .